Every time we buy a new vacuum cleaner, we always cross our fingers and hope it will probably last forever this time. We tried to cut cost by buying cheap vacuum cleaners thinking that even if we buy the more expensive models, they too would last just as long, or just as short. And every time they break down, we always blame it on the manufactured for being poorly made, or the courier for damaging it during the delivery, or your kids for playing with it behind your back. What we are missing is that a major factor that causes break downs and performance problems is poor maintenance on our end. Let’s stop blaming everyone and learn how to maintain a vacuum cleaner instead. After all, it’s not even high maintenance. It only needs little attention from us from time to time.

Maintaining a vacuum cleaner the right way

If you want to know how to maintain a vacuum cleaner, the first thing you should remember ultimately is to unplug it whenever you’re performing any maintenance or checkups. It may seem harmless but you’ll never know until you’re injured. The next step is to check the bag if it is already full by feeling it with your hands or looking at the line of the bag. Even bags which are only 1/3 full can already be inefficient in cleaning your carpets so if you are starting to see debris left out by your vacuum, it is now screaming for you to change the bag with the right size and type for your cleaner.As you already know, in order for it to work efficiently, air should be able to pass through all those collected dirt. This just means that the fuller the bag, the harder the vacuum works. Make sure that when you replace it, the bag should be secured and the clip and holder are in their correct places. If there are no bags in your machine, empty its bin or tray completely as frequent as possible.

After that, it is now time to clean the brush roll or the beater bar which is located under the machine. Take off the bottom plate but be careful not to lose the screws that keep it in place. Pull it out from its slot then gently slide it from the belt. Check if there are things that are wrapped around the brush roll that maybe constricting its movement and remove them. Usually, these are threads of hair, yarn, and other debris that embraced the brush roll that should be cleaned thoroughly.

After cleaning, the next step in maintaining your vacuum cleaner is to lubricate the brush roll bearings by unscrewing the cap on both ends of the brush roll. Notice the status of the vacuum belt for signs of wear and tear and if it has become too narrow and stretched, then you now have to replace it especially if it is sliding off from its place.

Tip in properly maintaining your vacuum cleaner

Although you can learn how to maintain your vacuum cleaner, it is still safer and more efficient to have your machine checked by professionals that can offer their expertise. Especially if you think you’ve done all you can and your unit is still not working as expected. They have keener eyes for such details.