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How to Repair and Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

We all know how precious the vacuum cleaner is to us. It helps cleaning make look so easy. Even though this essential thing comes with a warranty, yet we end up visiting our nearest vacuum cleaner repair shops frequently, located in our London neighbourhood.

Here are a few repairing tips that can help save plenty of your time and money:

1. Vacuum Is Not Turning On

In case you find that the vacuum is receiving power but the motor is not running, chances are that the motor is facing an obstruction or the motor needs replacement.

If your vacuum is not turning on, make sure, the plug has been inserted into the socket or the switch has been turned on. Sometimes the socket or the switch can have problems, in that case, try checking it with a multi-meter.

2. It Does Not Remain On

Nothing can infuriate you more than having a vacuum cleaner that turns off as soon as the vacuum is turned on. Chances are that your beloved vacuum is overheating. Disconnect the vacuum and let it cool down for a few minutes before you plug it in again.

Always check for obstructions if it is still not working. There is a possibility that the thermal fuse needs replacement. It is fairly inexpensive, so, go to your nearest maintenance shop and get it replaced.

3. Decreasing Suction Power

One of the most common complaints that we receive is that the vacuum is not sucking up enough dirt. The suction is very weak! Here are some common issues that might be involved:

a. Bag/chamber is full: replace it immediately with a newer one.

b. Clogged Filters: Vacuum cleaner comes with an air or exhaust filter.

  • In case the filter gets clogged, the suction power of the vacuum weakens. Clean or replace the filter for enhanced pull power.

c. Congested Hose: Your hosepipe draws the dust away from the ground and fills up the vacuum bag with it.

  1. If the hose gets blocked the vacuum will have a weak suction. Remove the hose and check if it is obstructed in any way.
  2. To do that, straighten the pipe and light your torch from one open end, if the light is not passing through to the other end, there is indeed an obstruction.
  3. Either clear that passage or replace the hose for improved suction.

4. Making Weird Noises

A vacuum cleaner making loud noises is not something uncommon, however, if you notice a sound that is unusual and concerns you, check your vacuum belt.

  1. When the belts are displaced or worn-out, vacuum makes weird noises and the best thing to do is replace it.
  2. Other than the belt, your vacuum could also make bizarre noises when the hose or motor needs attention!! Check and replace it if required.

5. Smelling Really Bad!

After using your vacuum for a couple of years, you might notice that your vacuum is releasing a horrible smell. There are two possibilities to it:

  1. Either your bag is full and has not been replaced for a while. The stored and decomposed dirt is actually releasing this pungent irritating odour. Change it frequently to avoid this kind of smell.
  2. The bad smell can also come from the air or exhaust filter. The filter requires routine cleaning and can produce horrible odours if not cleaned properly or recurrently.

These are very common problems that a vacuum cleaner owner occasionally faces. Hopefully, these tips will help you maintain your vacuum easily. For further vacuum cleaner repair solutions please visit our shop in 107 Portland Road, Hover, BN3 5DP, UK.